Please take a moment to fill out the Community Input Survey to provide your feedback on the regional bicycle share program. We will be accepting survey responses through April 1, 2017. For general comments or questions, please send an e-mail to

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Your contact information
#1) Were you aware of the Regional Bicycle Share program?
#2) Do you own or have access to a bicycle?
#3) If you own or have access to a bicycle, how often do you use it?
#4) If you ride a bicycle, what is your primary reason for riding?
#5) If a bike share system were available near where you live, work, or attend to school, how likely would you be to use it?
#6) What is the farthest you would walk to pick up a bike share bicycle from a defined location?
#7) How would this program impact you or the organization you represent? (Check all that apply)
#8) What should the project team be aware of concerning the development of a regional bicycle share program in this area?
#9) Are you interested in receiving additional information, updates and announcements as the bicycle share program develops? (If yes, please be sure your contact information is included on page 1.)
#10) Are any special provisions needed for you in order to attend a meeting such as mobility, hearing, visual, or language assistance?
#11) Are there any additional organizations or individuals you would suggest we contact that may be interested in the program?
#12) . If you have any additional questions, comments or suggestions about this program, please share them in the space provided below